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Type of business Manufacturer
Number of Employees 51-100 People
Annual sales US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Established in 2009

As a leader in professional high-power outdoor stadium lights, we provide top-level LED lighting for outdoor or indoor sports venues such as football, basketball, tennis, golf, etc. 

Our R&D team consists of outstanding engineers from all over the world. The LED stadium lighting fixtures have excellent light efficiency and high precision optical systems. 

U20 Women's World Cup Stadium


In the past ten years, we have participated in some landmark projects: two stadium lighting projects for the Olympic Games, Two Premier League football stadiums and multiple world championships. Our luminaires meet FIFA's standards-the LED lighting of the FIFA Stadium has illuminated at least 200 exciting games. 

Our LED Stadium Lighting Be Installed At Crystal palace in the English Premier League


At the same time, our 300 W stadium lights shined in Denmark and became the designated products of the Danish Tennis Association. And Our High-power LED lamps are also widely used in airports, terminals, large squares, mines, etc.

Please join us to share exciting success stories and guidelines for choosing the best sports lighting.

Football Field & Stadium Lights

In the football lighting sub-field, the football field lighting and the off-site football field lighting are different. The standard should be based on the use of the football field to determine the standard of lighting, roughly divided into five levels, training and entertainment activities illumination 200 lx, amateur competition 500 lx, professional competition 750 lx, general tv broadcast 1000 lx, large international competition HDTV broadcast 1400 lx.

Our Other 720 W LED Stadium Light Project in English Premier League 

Southampton stadium,2014


Basketball court lights

Basketball, which originated in the United States, is the core event of the Olympic Games. It is a hand-centered body confrontational sport. 

The league with the highest level of basketball in the world today is the American Basketball Professional League (NBA). And the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup has already opened in China. Will you be there with the Bascket Court lights?

Our Lithuania BasketBall Stadium Light project:


Tennis Court Light

The origin and development of tennis can be summarized in four sentences: Breeded in France, born in the United Kingdom, began to popularize and form a climax in the United States, now prevalent in the world, known as the world's second largest ball sport.

The reason why tennis can develop rapidly and gain the love of the majority of the people is directly related to the low requirements of the construction site of the tennis court. Whether it is in any unit enterprise school community, as long as there is a 420 square flat open space, it can be built. A national standard tennis court.

Our Tennis Court Light Project at Denmark:


The first stadium light sold by our company was installed in a tennis court in the Netherlands. Our 300W tennis court lights shine in Denmark and we can see our lamps in many places. It is also because of the good results in Denmark that we are slowly recognized by European customers.

Golf Course Lighting

A standard golf course consists of 18 holes, each with a specified number of poles, called a par (par), with a par 72. There are tees, fairways and greens on the court.

Focus on the focus of golf course lighting:

The core of attention is its lighting effects, including the illumination level of the stadium, uniformity and consistency of illumination, the impact of spillover on the surrounding environment, and so on.

Glare is another focus of golf course lighting design and one of the most complaints about the stadium. The main factors affecting glare are the glare control characteristics of the luminaire and the lighting design.

Our Switzerland Golf Course Lighting Project:


We use a calculus high-precision anti-glare design optical system with a very small UGR value and an unparalleled K value, so that the light will not spill out of the field, will not affect the surrounding environment, the athlete is swinging There will be no dizziness.

Cricket Field Lights

Cricket originated in the United Kingdom and is popular in Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and other countries.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is a one-day single cricket match organized by the International Cricket Council. The competition is one of the most watched sports in the world, and is the fourth largest event in the world after the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup and the Rugby World Cup.

Our Cricket Field Lights Project:


Key quality points of Cricket Field Lights:

1. 20 % of the field illumination must be used for auditorium lighting.

2. Illumination and quality parameters must meet the requirements for a clean and smooth TV broadcast.

3. The ratio of the illuminance coefficients of the horizontal and vertical planes must be between 0.5 and 2.

4. The maintenance factor of the lighting system is set to 0.8.

5. The glare value from the playing field to the critical position must be less than 50 throughout the lighting system.

6. Lamps: The color temperature of the light source installed in the stadium is between 4500 K and 6500 K, and the vertical deviation should not exceed 500 K. The color rendering index of the light source must be greater than 90 (IA).

7. In order to avoid the cyclical changes of the discharge lamp and the flicker effect of photography, especially slow motion, every point in the field must receive the light in a balanced manner.

Baseball Field Light

Baseball is a kind of ball sports that is played with a stick and is characterized by teamwork and confrontation. Baseball is widely spread internationally, mainly in the United States, Japan and South Korea, and Taiwan in Latin America and China.

The stadium lighting is different from the lighting requirements of other stadiums. The size of the baseball field is about 1.6 times that of the football field. The shape is fan-shaped, and the difference between the illumination value of the inner field and the outer field is very different.

Our United States Baseball Field Light Project:


Generally speaking, the average illuminance of the infield is about 50% higher than the average illuminance of the field. Therefore, the uniformity of the illuminance of the field is difficult. It is necessary to take into account the difference in the illuminance between the infield and the field, and also to take into account The illuminance value at the junction of the field and the field.

Volleyball court Light

The characteristics of the volleyball game are that the ball has a high running speed and a high speed, and the required space is relatively large.

Volleyball Hall Light Project


The lighting design of the venue not only makes the illumination of the venue meet the requirements of the competition, but also has a certain brightness and high uniformity in a space above the venue.

During the game, the athlete's line of sight is often upwards, especially for the second setter. The control of glare is very important, so there should be no high-intensity light source above the earth network.

Badminton Court Lights

The badminton project has strict requirements on the quality of lighting. It must enable athletes to see the entire flight path of the badminton and is not affected by glare throughout the process. 

During the game, most of the action is carried out near the net, so there should be no light and dark spots on the net at least 7m.

Malaysia Badminton Court Lighting Project


Table Tennis Court lighting

The overall size of the table tennis venue of the international competition standard is 7m*14mm.

Our tennis Court Lighting's innovative 5000-hour constant illumination output ensures constant illumination levels and uniformity within the site, eliminating the need for lighting equipment due to aging attenuation and reducing the need for lighting equipment to use electrical energy. Save 30% energy consumption.

At present, in the field of table tennis field lighting, many table tennis venues have chosen to cooperate with us.


Swimming Pool Lighting

2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland

600W Swiming Pool Lighting


According to the design standards of the International Swimming Pool, the swimming pool is 50 meters long, at least 25 meters wide and 2 meters deep. There are 8 lanes, each lane is 2.5 meters wide, and the outer lanes of the first and eighth lanes are 2.5 meters from the pool wall. 

In places where the water surface is so wide, avoiding artificial light and natural light reflecting the water, reflecting the glare of athletes, referees, cameras and audiences is the focus of the swimming pool lighting design.

World diving Championships 2017, Hungary

Ice hockey Field Lighting

Ice Hockey Field lighting design relies on the reasonable arrangement of light to comfortably serve different perspectives of athletes, referees and audiences. 

Enable athletes to concentrate on giving full play to their level of competition and create good results; enable the referee to make accurate and accurate judgments quickly; let the audience present to easily appreciate the technical play of the sport and feel the fierce and lively on the venue The competitive atmosphere also makes the picture of the color TV broadcast clear and vivid.

Ice hockey is a combination of versatile skating skills and agile skill in hockey. It is one of the more antagonistic collective ice sports and the official event of the Winter Olympics.

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