• 1.LED Flood light Features and advantages

    Features and advantages of Reita LED flood lights: Features: 1. The internal and external strong earthquake resistant structure design is adopted to effectively solve the problems of bulb shedding, bulb life shortening and bracket fracture caused by strong vibration. 2, with high efficiency gas discharge lamp as the light source, the bulb service life of more than 10,000 hours, especially suitable for outdoor large areas of unguarded lighting. 3, the use of light alloy materials and high-tech spraying technology, the shell never rust, never corrosion. 4, the adoption of new technology, such as rolling edge, to ensure the integrity of the shell, reliable sealing, waterproof and dustproof. 5, with good electromagnetic compatibility, will not cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment. 6, lamps and lanterns overall good heat dissipation, can reduce the probability of failure. Advantage: Throw light lamp color is gorgeous, monochromatic sex is good, light is downy, power is low, life is long, luminous time is up to 50 thousand hours. And its LED cast light lamp body compact, easy to hide or install, not easy to damage, no thermal radiation, to protect the object, the application range is very wide. Scale plate are provided convenient adjust the irradiation Angle of lamps and lanterns, LED project-light lamp by microchip control, in the small engineering applications, can be used without the controller, can realize the gradient, jump, color twinkle twinkle, random, alternating gradient dynamic effect, also can be controlled by DMX, pursue, such as scanning effect.

  • 2.Led flood light definition and application

    Led flood light definition and application I. Definition: LED projection lights cause the illumination on the specified face to be higher than that of the surrounding lamp. LED projection light also known as LED spotlight, LED projection light, LED projection light. English name: LEDDownlight. Usually, it can aim in any direction and has a structure that is unaffected by weather conditions. It is mainly used for large area mine, building outline, stadium, overpass, monument, park and flower bed. Accordingly, the large area illume lamps and lanterns that almost all outdoor use can regard as cast light lamp. Ii. Application scope of Reita led flood light: LED projection lights are mainly used in single buildings, the lighting of the exterior walls of historical buildings, the lighting of the inside and outside of buildings, the lighting of the LED projection lights, the lighting of green landscape, the lighting of billboards, the lighting of special facilities such as medical culture, the lighting of entertainment places such as bars and dance halls

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