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  • 2312-2019

    What kind of light should be used for badminton court light?

    Introduction of suitable lighting for badminton court lights.

  • 2312-2019

    How Choose the Tennis Court Lighting?

    What should we tend to think about for the court lighting? This sport is extremely common worldwide, you'll be able to play it all over once you have the ball and hoop.

  • 2312-2019

    Do you know anything about Soccer Field lighting?

    The lighting standards should be determined according to the functions of football fields, which are divided into seven levels: 200lx for training and recreational activities, 500lx for amateur matches, 750lx for professional matches, 1000lx for general TV broadcasts, 1400lx for HDTV for large international matches, 750lx for TV emergencies.

  • 2312-2019

    How to design the lighting for the hockey stadium

    The lighting design of the ice hockey stadium is based on the function of light, which can reasonably act on the vision of the players, referees and spectators.

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