240W Led Volleyball Court Stadium Lighting

  • 240W Led Volleyball Court Stadium Lighting
  • 240W Led Volleyball Court Stadium Lighting
  • 240W Led Volleyball Court Stadium Lighting
240W Led Volleyball Court Stadium Lighting
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Reita Stadium Series LED flood light is designed exactly for stadium lighting with each led bulb 50W (24 pcs small led chip inside each bulb) ,it good at long distance lighting to ensure the great uniformity on the ground.
SMD led chip with 48 pcs heat sink shared.

Each led bulb with 24 pcs SMD led chio inside, and with 48pcs heat sink collect directly to the root of the led chip to driver the chip's heat out,it improve the stability and lifespan of the led chip.

240W Led Volleyball Court Stadium Lighting


Product Type

LED Arena Light

Model Number



100-277VAC  Standard

347-480VAC Available





Lumens Per Watt


LED Chipset


Mounting Double

Jointed U-Bracket Standard

Beam Angle (degrees)


Kelvin (CCT)




Life Span (Hours)



Dali Available

Zigbee  Available

1-10V Available


YES (IP66)

IK Rating                                                    

(Impact and Vibration Resistance)




Length of Warranty (YEARS)


Service time (YEARS)




Net Weight


Suggested Replacement For:

1000W Metal Halide


stadium court lighting

stadium lights led

Power:100W/150W/200W/250W/300W/400W/ 500W/600W/750w/1000W/1500W/2000W/2500W/5000W

Input:90-295V AC,costup for 380V/480V AC

Power Factor>=0.95

Light source:Bridgelux SMD chip                                                                                    Driver: Meanwell or Inventronics                                                                                    Beam Angle:10/25/45/70/95Deg


                    **Tunable White, RGB&RGBW Optional

Lumen Efficiency:180lm/w  

Work temperature:-40 to 65 Celsius degree

Lifespan > 100000 hrs

IP rating: IP66 waterproof


Why do volleyball courts need professional LED volleyball court lights?

Found on the basis of many years of cooperation with customers, many customers in choosing the venue of the venue of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns is grappling with professional sports lighting lamps and lanterns is why more expensive than general leds so much, why is can't use the general LED lamps and lanterns, and must use professional LED sports stadium lights, here is the small make up me briefly about ten factors.

1. The light source and power supply of professional LED sports competition special lights shall be imported from the original international first-line brands, and customized for different projects, which cannot be mass produced.Generally, LED lamps are mass produced, and the light source and power supply do not meet the requirements of lighting parameters of the course, so they cannot be directly used on the course.

2. The radiator of special lamps for professional LED sports competition selects military phase change heat dissipation skills and high heat conduction data. This kind of skills and materials reduce energy consumption and reduce the weight of lamps.

3. The color temperature of professional LED lighting for sports competition courts is customized for various types of courts, making athletes, referees and spectators more comfortable;

4. The color rendering index of professional LED sports competition lamps is greater than 80, making the color more realistic and restoring the real beauty of the court. The general LED picture is ambiguous and distorted;

5. Professional gym, often have different race of the project, a variety of lamps and lanterns of various sports events of field parameters of different projects have different requirements, such as lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns and fencing badminton field requirements have many differences, stadium, lamps and lanterns should take different competition area demands, for different arena special research and development production, high investment capital, product raw material requirement is high, the price is very expensive.

6. Professional LED sports competition special lamps choose professional light distribution system, point by point light distribution system, more prominent energy-saving effect, a variety of light distribution planning, to complete accurate light distribution, not only to achieve the lighting effect, more uniform illumination, general LED lighting effect is too bright too dazzling, or not bright enough, there will be obvious dark areas, uneven lighting;

7. Professional LED sports competition lamps without pollution, overflow and glare control: professional light distribution planning, effectively avoid the overflow of light, glare, reduce the overflow of 37% of the general site, generally scattered LED lamps, lights everywhere, briefly showing the situation of disturbing people;

8. Professional LED special lighting for sports competitions has the ability of stable illumination, and the illumination level and uniformity remain stable for 5000 hours;

9. Professional LED special lighting for sports competition is free of maintenance for more than three or five years, without any maintenance cost, and its function and quality are more guaranteed.

10. A modern indoor stadium, in addition to the outstanding lighting environment, lighting intelligent control system is not short, but the general LED lighting in the sports industry, there is no intelligent control system.LED lights for sports lighting have been very mature in terms of intelligent control system. The intelligent lighting system can complete the form of training entertainment, amateur competition, professional competition, TV broadcast, and also interact with other sub-systems of the intelligent building.Simple control operation, can be controlled in the computer and mobile terminal, improve the management level of the stadium, reduce maintenance costs, outstanding role in energy saving and emission reduction, effectively extend the life of lamps, complete a rich variety of lighting control.

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LED Stadium Light Shipment
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