80W Indoor Solar Led Stadium Spot Lighting Fixtures

  • 80W Indoor Solar Led Stadium Spot Lighting Fixtures
  • 80W Indoor Solar Led Stadium Spot Lighting Fixtures
  • 80W Indoor Solar Led Stadium Spot Lighting Fixtures
80W Indoor Solar Led Stadium Spot Lighting Fixtures
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With the promotion and popularization of solar powered led stadium lights, the value of solar LED Stadium Lights is also concerned by more and more people.
Solar LED Stadium Light convert heat energy into electricity for their own lighting, thus saving electricity consumption costs. Without electricity bills, the cost can be recouped in no more than three years.

Traditional Stadium Light VS Modern Led Stadium Light

What kind of light is often used to light sports stadiums?

The sports stadium light is a variety lighting beamed, high-intensity artificial light. It is often used to illuminate playing fields while a sports event is being held during low-light conditions. In the past years, the Metal halide lights were very welcomed by the stadium light. But people find the light efficiency is not high enough, just 70-80lm/watt or even lower. Due to small size, the limitations of materials, technology, the lifespan of the metal halide light is only about 8,000Hours, the electricity bill and cost is always high . As the progress of the technology and improve of the lights, we innovated the Led stadium Light.

Different from the Metal Halide Light, the Led Stadium Light is exceptionally brighter,like Reita Led Stadium light can work as high as 180lm/watt, 2-3 times higher than the traditonal Metal Halide Light.

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Comparison of the Metal Halide Light and Led Stadium Light

 Metal Halide Light

Reita Led Stadium Light

Light efficiency



Life Span



IK level



Reita Led Stadium Light from power 80Watt to 2500Watt is specially designed for all kinds of stadium occasions. It is a basketball stadium light, football stadium light, badminton court light, golf stadium light, baseball stadium light,cricket stadium light,tennis court light,volleyball court light,ect.


LED Stadium Light Shipment
LED Flood light Features and advantages
Features and advantages of Reita LED flood lights: Features: 1. The internal and external strong earthquake resistant structure design is adopted to effectively solve the problems of bulb shedding, bulb life shortening and bracket fracture caused by strong vibration. 2, with high efficiency gas discharge lamp as the light source, the bulb service life of more than 10,000 hours, especially suita...more
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