960W Led High Mast Area Light

  • 960W Led High Mast Area Light
  • 960W Led High Mast Area Light
  • 960W Led High Mast Area Light
960W Led High Mast Area Light
  • Led stadium light
  • China
  • 3-5days
  • 60000pcs Per month

This series of LED High Mast Light use Bridgelux 5050 SMD LED and Inventronics Power Supply, energy saving, high brightness, long service life. With UL,DLC,CE, SAA, CB, LM79, Salt spray test,vibration test ,Waterproof Test and many other certifications.
Marine-grade aluminum house with good heat dissipation.
High efficient optical system With 6degree For Choose, which emits soft and evenly distributed light.
100W High Mast Lighting is equivalent to a 250Watt Metal Halide Light
Flicker-free and lighting effect is 160Lm / W.
High precision constant power power supply.
It is widely used in stadiums, golf courses, tennis courts, docks, parking lots, airports and other High Mast lighting places.

960W High Mast Light 

IP65 rated LED High Mast Light
Lightweight design provides easy retrofitting of existing HID installations,along with quick mounting on all new installations.
Rotatable modules offering maximum customisation
Heavy duty  bracket
 7°/20°/40°/60°/90°/140°*100°  for Choose
Can be installed as a floodlight or high bay
With illumination equivalent to 3000W metal halide fixtures you'll enjoy an"instant-on, flicker-free"cold start, and industry-leading 155-160Lm/W.
Protractor scale for easier aiming
80,000-hours life Time.
Unique design extracts heat from the light source, thereby extending component life and ultimately prolonging the useful life of the fixture.
Lightweight design provides easy retrofitting of existing HID installations,along with quick mounting on all new installations.
Part No.WattageLight SourceLamp LumenFluxCCTBeam AngleVoltage
 RT-SL100W100WattBridgelux 5050160lm/w16000lm3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K7°/20°/40°/60°/90°/140°*100°90-295VAC

How Choose the High Mast Light for Seaport?

Quay lighting preferably outdoor high power lighting, such as LED high Mast lights.Due to the heavy air moisture near the wharf, the quality of the LED high pole lamp is required to be higher. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct "port anti-salt fog treatment" for the LED high Mast lamp.

high mast area lighting

Wharf LED high Mast light has high quality and low maintenance rate in the later period. Generally, it requires more than IP65. LED high pole lamp is guaranteed for more than 3 years.

LED high Mast  wharf lighting, according to the installation height, lighting range, choose and buy power is also different, the need for relevant personnel to the scene investigation.

Specific details can consult LED high Mast light manufacturers.Because tall pole lamp is bigger so also want to consider to control the area of illume beforehand, deal with illuminance, light color, chromatism, stereo feeling, simple sense, flash limit to wait for index, consider to eliminate to appear during illume needless shadow even, control good light and ultraviolet ray to the bad influence of people.

The common causes of LED high pole lamp failure are poor raw materials, poor quality LED high pole lamp LED to the failure of the high pole lamp most people angry and helpless, the common situation has less aluminum wire, wire is hard, insulation layer is thin.

The second is the fault caused by the construction problem, the depth of the cable trench is not enough, the sand cover brick is not built according to the standard;

The production and installation of aisle pipes do not meet the requirements;Due to insufficient thickness of wire nose pressing and insulation wrapping, short circuit between each other will occur after a long time of operation, which will lead to the fault of LED high mast Light.

high mast light led

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