600W Led Sports Light Volleyball Court Light

  • 600W Led Sports Light Volleyball Court Light
  • 600W Led Sports Light Volleyball Court Light
  • 600W Led Sports Light Volleyball Court Light
600W Led Sports Light Volleyball Court Light
  • Led stadium light
  • China
  • 3-5days
  • 600000pcs Per month

LED Sports Lighting has USA CREE XPE LED Chips installed, which helps creating a lighter structure and an energy saving product.

Our Premium Precise Optical Lenses is Anti-glare & zero flickering that make good user experience .
The light efficiency is extremely high, reaching 140lm/W with DLC Premium. Lenses are premium, with very accurate optics.

Widely used in Stadiums, Sports Facilities, Squares, High Mast Lighting, Light Towers, Ports,High speed photographic ect.

Main Features

Luminous Efficiency: 130 lm/W                                                

IP Rating: IP66 approved                                                                 

Life Span: >80000 hours

Work Temperature:-25 °C to 60 °C                                        

Warranty Period: 5 Years                                                           

Powers Available: 100W to 1500W

Technical Parameter

Light Source: USA original CREE Chip                                               

Power Supply: MeanWell or Inventronics

Color Index(CRI): Ra> 80 (until 95)

Input Voltage: 90-295VAC 50-60HZ            

Power Factor (PF): >0.95           

Power Efficiency: >90%

Beam angles available: 15°, 40°, 80°

Certification: ETL,SAA,DLC,CE,ROHS

How to design indoor volleyball hall lighting?

Volleyball is one of the ball games. The court is rectangular with a high net in the middle. Each side (six players on each side) occupies one side of the court.A ball, made of sheepskin or leatherette and rubber, similar in size to a soccer ball.

sport light

Volleyball in the air is a multi-direction, multi-Angle flight, the players are also multi-Angle, multi-direction, with different speed movement, human eyes and volleyball is always a tracking capture focus imaging process.The course of the players is to track the trajectory of the ball and position in the air.

According to the lighting characteristics of the indoor volleyball stadium, the lighting quality objectives of the indoor volleyball stadium are as follows:Pure white color, pure color, bright and clear.The light is stable, smooth and non-fluctuating, without the harm of stroboscopic effect;Volleyball court lighting does not produce glare, no glare hazard, site lighting is not dazzling, not dazzling, not dazzling, not dazzling.

Ensure the volleyball in the air flight track is true, do not drag the tail, not double shadow, air positioning is true and accurate.Players can hit the ball accurately and steadily, with comfortable vision and no fatigue.

volleyball court Light

Volleyball hall lighting, it should achieve a number of lighting effect indicators.However, from the practical point of view of actual exercise, for the folk fitness exercise leisure function of indoor volleyball hall, lighting quality level is not suitable for the use of a one-size-fits-all rigid indicators.It can be determined by the investment operator within a reasonable range according to the investment status, the playing level of the players and other technical and economic factors.

Use is practical, use is good.A lot of indoor volleyball hall lighting case shows: the indoor volleyball hall lighting of civil fitness function, can grasp the lighting quality, its stadium lighting effect can reach a certain level, can meet the requirements of playing sports.

600W LED Sports light

Among indoor Sports lighting, Reita LED Sports lightare the first in the industry, and the products are specially developed and customized for various stadiums.Product raw material: the light source adopts original import custom, the drive USES the world famous brand power supply.The color temperature is closer to natural light, and the light body is beautiful and generous. The use of Reita special lights will make the whole stadium more upscale, beautiful and harmonious.

The special lighting of Reita stadium can be compared with the special lighting of national teams' training halls.

LED Stadium Light Shipment
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